Our Guardians

Our Maremma guard dogs are an integral part of our free range farm. They guard our flocks 24/7 allowing us the ability to never have to lock up our hens (not even at night!). This enables us to operate as a true free range farm and means that our hens can wake up at the crack of dawn, leave their shed and begin the day pecking and scratching at seeds and worms.

*Please note that to assist with a recent predator problem problem (foxes) in the evening, we will be locking up our hens in the evening, which will take some pressure off our maremma guardian dogs. The hen houses will be reopened at day break. The welfare of our hens are our highest priority and we are doing this to ensure minimal attacks. We appologise for the change in farming practices.

The Maremma is an extremely intelligent breed – a guardian – that is trustworthy, devoted to it's flock and courageous. Their innate ability to bond to different species gives them a strong protectiveness and loyalty to their bonded 'family'. Any sudden movement or unsuspected appearance is seen as a potential threat to their flock. Our Maremma pups are bonded very early on with our hens. We place mum and puppies together in a flock from approximately 4-6 week of age.

Predators such as eagles, foxes and even feral cats are frightened away by the Maremma's bark, which also gives warning of 'danger' to the chooks which sends them running under cover in their sheds.

Our Maremmas are not only great big bundles of white fluff, but give us peace of mind that not only our flocks, but our property are protected.