About Us

Home on the Range Genuine Free-Range Eggs Pty Ltd are proud to be a 100% Australian, family owned and operated company established since 1991. Our free range eggs are sold under our brand name 'Family Homestead Genuine Free Range Eggs'.

We are committed to ensuring that our free-range eggs are of the highest quality possible.

Our genuine free-range egg farm can be found nestled in the beautiful Myrniong Hills on 40 hectares. The township of Myrniong (Vic) is located 86kms from Melbourne CBD, between Bacchus Marsh and Ballan. Our free range egg farm can be seen from the Western Hwy, where our happy hens can be seen roaming to their hearts content.


It is our mission at Home on the Range Genuine Free Range Egg farm to produce a high quality genuine free range egg by providing an environment for our chickens that is in keeping with this goal. 

Our priority is directed to animal welfare, environmental sustainability and the production of an old fashioned tasting free-range egg.


Family Homestead Free Range Eggs are the product of a natural environment. Our chickens are free to roam unrestricted in pasture all year round in an environment reflecting our concerns for animal welfare issues. 

We have no need to de-beak or in any other way mutilate our birds, no need for cages and no need for barns. Clearly our free-range hens are able to express their natural behaviour, are free to dust bathe, flap their wings and socialize with other hens. We are proud and passionate about our genuine free-range eggs and welcome (by appointment) you to visit and inspect for yourself.