"We receive the greatest joy in hearing from our wonderful customers. It is this feedback that makes us strive to deliver the best possible free range egg! Knowing that our customers feel as strongly as we do about free range egg production makes our job even more fulfilling" - From Glenda the Hen & the team at Family Homestead.

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"Thank you for allowing me to come to your home and purchase the free-range eggs directly. They truly are free range and wonderful! It is fantastic meeting someone who is so passionate about the environment and chicken welfare. I wish you every continued success with your free-range business!"


"I was just wanting to let you know that I have recently read the animal walfare guide to free range eggs. I was confused at my supermarket as to what is and isn't really free range humane eggs. I read this article and have decided that from now on your my egg people. I was very pleased to see that they broke down all aspects of true free range and "free range" and that your family run business ticks all the boxes. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate businesses like yours for being humane to the animals. Thanks again I'll be letting everyone know to use your eggs."


"Lovely eggs and I have recommended them to others. Make beautiful sponges too."


"I just taste the difference. It brings up good memories. I remember when i was a child back in Italy spending my school holidays at grandpa's cottage near the mountains. He had hens running around the garden all the time and their eggs taste just like yours do! Thank you so much".


"I love your company's philosophy! I am also REALLY pleased that you are an Australian owned and run business. Your chooks must be REALLY happy girls. Keep up the good work, I will always source your eggs from now on. All the best."


"I think what you are doing is amazing. I am a vegetarian and massive on animal welfare and you have earned my respect. I will be recommending your brand to everyone I can! Thank you so much for respecting the animal's xo"


'I have been enjoying the family homestead eggs for as long as I can recall, and I will continue to buy only these eggs, thank-you for being a genuine business that adds value".