Farm Accreditation


Accredited with the Free Range Farmers Association of Victoria (FRFA) - Farm 1007 HACCP-based Food Safety & Quality Assurance
Home on the Range Genuine Free Range Egg Farm is fully accredited by the Free Range Farmers Association of Victoria and is audited annually by an independent auditor.

This accreditation is a guarantee to you, as the consumer, that you are buying genuine free-range eggs. 

The Free Range Farmers Association accreditation logo appears on our egg carton. All cartons bearing this logo are guaranteed to be genuine free-range eggs. No other methods of egg production are permitted on accredited free range farms. The consumer can buy with confidence knowing that our farm has undergone a stringent accreditation process in order to maintain accreditation.

Essential features for Accreditation by this Association are:

  1. It is not necessary or permitted for hens to be de-beaked, beak trimmed or in any other way mutilated.
  2. Hens are free to range, forage and dust bathe in a predator protected and sustainable vegetated farm environment during daylight hours.
  3. Hens are protected from inclement weather with shedding which provides night time shelter, perches, feed, water and secluded comfortable egg layer boxes.
  4. No other form of egg production (no aviary, barn or cage) is permitted on members farms.
  5. No eggs of a non-Association accredited origin are allowed to be stored and packaged on the accredited farm. Farms must be able to show audit trail records for accredited eggs exchanged between its members.
  6. FRFA Inc. Vic Membership with accreditation is available to any Victorian egg farmer who is prepared to present for an inspection to the published Standards.

See the below PDF which outlines the Free Range Farmers Association Standards.

  Download PDF

If you'd like to see what genuine free range farming is all about then please watch the below video.



Family Homestead Genuine Free Range Eggs are the only egg brand highly recommended by the Ethical Consumer Guide. 

The Ethical Consumer Group is a community based, not-for-profit network set up to help facilitate more sustainable purchasing practices for the everyday consumer.